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Youth Stop AIDS Speaker Tour 2018!

A HUGE Happy New Year!

2018 is a big year for Youth Stop AIDS, we plan to demand extra funding from DFID for AIDS medication and education in February, as well as bombard the Amsterdam Government meeting with all things powerful and youth-led to make sure our MPs are saying the right things in aspect to funding for HIV/AIDS.

With this in mind and more, the year kicked off to a great start, as a society in Brighton we achieved our developing status award, which was a challenge considering it was a brand new society in a very naive area (believe it or not). We also signed on new members at the Brighton SU Refresher's Fair (go us!).

In February it started with the Speaker Tour Event! A fantastic opportunity where selected speakers travel all over the country in a month speaking at various events about their own personal stories. On the 7th February, it landed in Brighton. A great chance for the society to get it's first official event, and we set up a lovely theatre hall for them to…