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My First Week in the Jungle...

Hellooooo friends!

It's been one crazy month! An update on this bizarre and incredibly long September;

9th-  MY BIRTHDAY!! 21, finally can rent a car...and drink alcohol worldwide (yippee...) Celebrated with my mother dearest doing some retail therapy, then dinner at my favourite restaurant with the family. Ended with a slight make out session in my car with an old friend of mine...who has a girlfriend. Very awkward..

10th-NIGHT OUT! So I rarely venture into the depths of basement clubs, pounding bass and drunken sluts, but it was a work party, and my birthday night out, which called for nothing less than an absolute abomination of alcohol and drunken craziness... Long story short, I made out with my night supervisor...and my front of house manager. Good adulting on my part. Ended with my head in a toilet bowl passed out.

11th-WORST DAY EVER! I think there is a sudden shock when you go from being 18,19,20 then 21. When the drinking ends and you collapse in bed passed out, make up spi…

Top 5 PS4 Games of all time! (2016 Edition)



So today I am nerding out with one of my secret loves, gaming! I have recently purchased a huge collection of PS4 games, along with a PS4 (bit late to the party I know!) And thought it best to give you a run down of the best PS4 games I have played.

I am a gamer that loves the story, I know that each player is different in what they like to watch and game, but I am a big RPG fan, and a huge storytelling fanatic. So my top ten are brilliant for these kind of people.

I want to start by adding, I recently brought No Man's Sky, I assumed from all the excitement it would be an incredible game to purchase, unfortunately not, I was thoroughly disappointed. It was the pure lack of storyline, the complete let down of promotion, you basically play a character, explore the first world  (No me..) to find the materials to fix your ship, then explore.  However if you enjoy mindless wandering and the sights and creatures you can discover, then by all means t…



Apologies for being so distant, it has been a crazy few weeks of preparing for university and working.
My sister has recently moved to Worthing, which is close to Brighton, and I am most excited! We celebrated her arrival, as well as her 23rd, with a day out in the city, drinks, food, book shopping and lots of fun.

More to the point is the reason I am writing today, I wanted to discuss passions. When you were younger what did you want to do when you were older? I went through life deciding different paths, which is perfectly normal, until I went to Africa and then decided that doing good is what I wanted to do. It's not a career like most aspirations, it definitely isn't money oriented, but I don't care. I want to wake up in the morning and go back to sleep at night knowing that I've made some good decisions that day.

However for now, I am a receptionist, who works a 40 hour week, going shopping on her day off, and more mundane things. I no longer am dancing under t…