My First Week in the Jungle...

Hellooooo friends!

It's been one crazy month! An update on this bizarre and incredibly long September;

Mother and I switching puddings..
9th-  MY BIRTHDAY!! 21, finally can rent a car...and drink alcohol worldwide (yippee...) Celebrated with my mother dearest doing some retail therapy, then dinner at my favourite restaurant with the family. Ended with a slight make out session in my car with an old friend of mine...who has a girlfriend. Very awkward..

Work collegues..

10th-NIGHT OUT! So I rarely venture into the depths of basement clubs, pounding bass and drunken sluts, but it was a work party, and my birthday night out, which called for nothing less than an absolute abomination of alcohol and drunken craziness... Long story short, I made out with my night supervisor...and my front of house manager. Good adulting on my part. Ended with my head in a toilet bowl passed out.

11th-WORST DAY EVER! I think there is a sudden shock when you go from being 18,19,20 then 21. When the drinking ends and you collapse in bed passed out, make up spilling down your face, half that kebab on your dress, holding a broken heel, and then you wake up and consider dying over the possibility of getting out of bed. When you are 18 it is just a 'oh I am a little tired, have a bit of a headache' but still manage to function everyday life. Even at 19 it's pretty similar, 20 is when you start to take more naps in the day and the laziness increases with the headaches of a hangover. 21...21 was brutal. You wake feeling like someone has mushed your brain and creates the world's worse migraine for you. When you know if you stand you will either shit yourself, throw up, or fall back over, and debate for hours on which choice is the most likely. I couldn't even raise my head, it took all the willpower I had (plus a block of mozzarella cheese and scrambled eggs-the only hangover cure in my books) to then turn the TV on. Afterwards I had David Attenborough working his charms on me all afternoon.
Gran Canaria night out!

12th-HOLIDAY! Still a little worse for wear from the previous day, I plucked the remaining energy I had to go holiday shopping, then onto a bus, then a plane, to head off to the wonderful, beautiful island of Gran Canaria to have an adventurous bonker of a holiday, courtesy of my closest friends as another 21st present!

13th- RELAX! Time to chill on the beach, start that beast of a tan (definitely not a burn) and swim in the stunning harbour sea. Signed up and planned the week ahead to be a fun-filled adventurous one to try new things. I believe it was that exact moment I realised how poor I was going to be by the end of the week....

14th-AQUALAND! Located near Maspalomas in Gran Canaria, Aqualand is a giant waterpark, and was simply the most fun. We walked around with just our swimming costumes on, which meant hopping to the shade on the hot-as-hell stone ground. It was a real good time, especially going on the various tubes down to bizarre dark pools.

Sand Dunes

15th- EXPLORE! Most definitely my favourite day, away from the tourist areas, we ventured into the various small villages, trekked up the highest of mountains, and toured around the hidden secrets and beauties Gran Canaria holds. We opted for a little Yaris to drive around in, and I am forever grateful that I wasn't the driver, the mountains were steeper than anything I could do. Yet the views from the top were breathtaking!

Mogan Market

16th-SHOPPING! Quite a bit of fun, we gathered on a glass bottom ferry and took it over to Mogan, one of the islands biggest markets, with over 600 stores. It was scorching hot that day, but the ferry was amazing, we could watch the fishes swim past, incredibly calming and tranquil. The market was insane, we walked around the beautiful sleepy harbour town, taking photos of the beauty. The market itself was very rustic, almost as if the stalls hadn't changed in hundreds of years, but the items sold-slightly more modern (cop offs MKs). I purchased myself a bottle of pure aloe vera gel, from the cheekiest, savviest salesman. It has done me wonders since I've come back for my hair, face and skin, Highly advise you try aloe vera for your hair if you haven't already!

17th- CANARIAN COMBO! This was a real adventure, started the day on a boat, travelling off close to Africa in search of whales and dolphins. I strongly disagree with riding dolphins, so we opted to watch them in their natural habitat instead, and it was worth it. Rather than being forced to do so, the spotted dolphins chose to say hello, and it felt good to know I could experience this without hurting them. After a quick lunch we jumped into a jeep for a quick tour of the mountains, then went to a Camel Ranch (animal friendly-I checked) and got the opportunity to ride a beauty called Isabel. The ride only lasted a few minutes as not to wear the camels out, but it was a really cool experience. After being sufficiently spat at and burnt, we hauled ourselves in the jeep once more to trek off road through the hills and valleys, safe to say the vast amounts of dust took more than a swim in the sea to remove!

My closest friends overlooking one of the tallest points in Gran Canaria.

Then it was back to reality, back to the wet, windy world of Brighton!
Buckling down to work...

26th-START UNIVERSITY! After three years of deferring I finally decided to buckle down and get that degree. The university is really good, not aesthetically pleasing, but the staff are more helpful than I could imagine, the students are friendly (if a little young for my liking) and the atmosphere is positive.

I am not a normal student thats for sure. I didn't take part in Freshers, which doesn't bother me as drinking into debt just doesn't appeal to me. I've met some cool people who I hope stick around for the next few years, and my course is so much fun, so far, it's only been my first few days so I have no idea how it is actually going to pan out.

Trying this 'fresher' thing
I've already been asked to be student ambassador, course rep, and in the student union, which is really good, I hope to enlighten people with my positivity, and maybe share some issues I am concerned with and how we, as a community of young vibrant people, can help!

So everything is looking good so far! (apart from this chronic hangover I am again nursing after last night's bender!) I hope to update you guys on my course, what it is like doing Environment and Media Studies, and what it is like being the 'mature student'.

Love you all


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