Restless Development- Focus Group


 What drives you? What inspires you? What makes you sit up and listen?

Discussing mission statements in the office!

I attended a Focus Group in the Restless Development office in London this afternoon, it was about reshaping Restless, what attracts their target audience (young people), and how to attract more.

The office, based in London
It was an interesting afternoon, spent with like-minded people, some who have never heard of their work, and others, like myself, who are quite accustomed to their agency. I thought it was incredibly interesting, I have always admired Restless and the work they do, but once you start analyzing, and having the chance to debate and disagree, it sparks a flame in a group of young people that is influential to all. 

Focused minds analyzing work
We started the session off with a video on the agency's statement, what they believe in. This we analyzed together, discussing what makes the video eye-catching, and what makes it disappointing. I found that Restless has this great ability to constantly want to greaten its own agency, but yet it lacks clear and concise information on what the organisation does. 
Sharing ideas

After this we discussed different mission statements that Restless want to implement. I found this insightful, I was excited to hear others opinions, and came to conclusions on how the organisation can be proactive but not insulting. I am thrilled to know that there is an organisation that will genuinely listen to your concerns, and shows that 'your voice matters'. I hope that they can use this to portray exactly what Restless does, so I can promote to people in a much more effective way.

The current tagline in the office
Restless Development is a youth-led development agency, it unleashes the power of youth to constantly refresh the world with new ideas, to inspire new ways of thinking and doing.

I look forward to seeing what Restless can become, and no doubt will I be stood there volunteering and offering my services as usual. 


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