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Power of Persuasion

Power of persuasion:

What makes a person go from being the average Joe to becoming a hero? Is it saving a life? Is it making your name is lights? Is it something as simple as following your dreams and in doing so making others happy? 

Each person defines themselves from a young age with ‘What do I want to be when I grow up?’. Let’s face it, everybody doesn’t stick with their dreams when they are five. My dream when I was five was to be an animal. It then progressed to being famous, then successful. A big difference in the two that I learnt when I was 11. Then reality hits and you realise that you can’t achieve those huge aspirations you have just from following the crowd. As you get older obstacles come up, you meet more and more people and realise that your huge dream you had? Millions of others had one too. Then you listen to numerous assembles, that gives you the first clue, then you choose what exams you want to take, and realise 40 others are doing the exact same exams as you, to t…

New Goals

Hello guys!

I have started a very new and scary adventure today, a few days ago I got a call from a marketing company interested in my C.V. I went for an interview, then a second interview, and then I got a job! More of a career than a job I hope, it should be a huge opportunity for me to develop my skills, considering I don’t think University is for me.

This job means I can put my skills into use, my crazy O.C.D organisation skills, my leadership training and my badass confidence that I am rocking nowadays. I am nervous though, even though my current job doesn’t pay much, I will 100% miss the family I grew to love there. 

But I know I need to be strong, I need to go in fighting and not let the spark die. I hope this is a career for me and not just another 6 month stint in my growing C.V of endless jobs. 

This is the joy of a gap year, for all of you who aren’t sure what your plans are, a gap year can help you so much, do a bit of travelling then try out different jobs! One day you might …

What to see in Brighton!

It has been a few months since I moved to this wonderful city. My flat is situation just by the sea, which means I have the luxury of waking up to the waves and seagulls each morning. It also means I know places in Brighton you should definitely see when visiting.  

1. The Pier

A very obvious choice when seeing Brighton, bring a tenner, get yourself a pot of 10ps and go wild in the arcade, maybe go on a few rides overlooking the sea, or grab some donuts and take a few pictures by the portraits. Even if it seems to tourist-y for you I highly recommend you see it at least once, the best time is at dusk, the lights are on and it looks incredible.  
I saw the pier when my brother came to visit, he had so much fun on the arcades, and it is surprisingly easy to win hundreds of tickets and get yourself a Brighton postcard or shot glass at the ticket exchange!

2. JB's American Diner

Winner winner chicken dinner. JB's is brilliant for that pick-me-up greasy treat. I think this place is wond…