What to see in Brighton!

It has been a few months since I moved to this wonderful city. My flat is situation just by the sea, which means I have the luxury of waking up to the waves and seagulls each morning. It also means I know places in Brighton you should definitely see when visiting.  

1. The Pier

A very obvious choice when seeing Brighton, bring a tenner, get yourself a pot of 10ps and go wild in the arcade, maybe go on a few rides overlooking the sea, or grab some donuts and take a few pictures by the portraits. Even if it seems to tourist-y for you I highly recommend you see it at least once, the best time is at dusk, the lights are on and it looks incredible.  
I saw the pier when my brother came to visit, he had so much fun on the arcades, and it is surprisingly easy to win hundreds of tickets and get yourself a Brighton postcard or shot glass at the ticket exchange!

2. JB's American Diner

Winner winner chicken dinner. JB's is brilliant for that pick-me-up greasy treat. I think this place is wonderful if you want something yummy, easy and not too expensive. As a veggie I love their aubergine and mozzarella burgers, but their fries with feta is amazing too. Even go there just for one of their mammoth smoothies is worth it! Or my roomies personal fav is the coke float with a dash of malibu. You can't not go to Brighton without stopping off for a bit of american delicacy. You can even watch Tom & Jerry whilst tucking into those megga nachos.

3. The Beach

A city with a beach! Can you get anything better? Maybe a sandy beach sure, but a rocky beach means you can leave without sand in every orifice. Brighton Beach is one of those great beaches where paddling isn't exactly an option, but sitting watching the sunset is a definite, and besides, you'll need to sit down after a meal at JBs. If you head further down the beach towards Hove, there's a lovely park, great for dogs, and a volleyball net as well as a playground. Great for any age I would say!

4. The Breakfast Club

For days when your hangover is on point or you have that huge morning craving for pancakes, look no further than The Breakfast Club. Big bright and yellow it situates in the Lanes near Bella Italia and the Town Hall. My ultimate go to breakfast would be the slow boy juice, Eggs Royale and a side of fruit. It is the best pick me up, and on hangover Sundays it is my go to place. I would highly recommend bacon and maple syrup pancakes, but the Breakfast Club is amazing all through. Not to mention it serves breakfast all day, so even if you wake up with a pounding head at 5:30pm you can still stagger for a breakfast. 

5. The Lanes

Very obvious choice when seeing Brighton, but I love the Lanes massively. There are some Lanes full of expensive high street shops (Jo Malone, Toast, Ted Baker, Mac) or smaller Lanes with shops you can't find anywhere else. Nic Nacs up to your eyeballs. There is a shop with shelves of different phones, another with giant light up letters. Do you need a candle? Canvas? Plants? The Lanes has everything you never thought you needed. The Lanes is an utter mess of shops, you can't organise your way around them, so my advice? Just get lost in the mess and enjoy it. You'll more than likely come out with some kind of fairy light ensemble. 

6. Fish and Chips at Harry Ramsden

Of course you can't go to a seaside location and not expect a chippy around every corner, saying each one is 'the world's best fish and chips'. However if you want the best fish and chips go to Harry Ramsden. It has that extra edge on the norm. And when you're surrounded by fish shops, you would like to know which one is the best. My personal favourite from this place is their fishcake, definitely different from usual places. If you wanted a great lunch on the beach, then Harry Ramsden is that, situated opposite the pier. 

There are way more places to go in Brighton, thousands even, but these are my top six favourite places to go. So if you are ever visiting, or perhaps live just outside or even in Brighton, try out these places, they are sure to make a good day even better. 

Hope everyone's year is going well!



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