Power of Persuasion

Power of persuasion:

What makes a person go from being the average Joe to becoming a hero? Is it saving a life? Is it making your name is lights? Is it something as simple as following your dreams and in doing so making others happy? 

Each person defines themselves from a young age with ‘What do I want to be when I grow up?’. Let’s face it, everybody doesn’t stick with their dreams when they are five. My dream when I was five was to be an animal. It then progressed to being famous, then successful. A big difference in the two that I learnt when I was 11. Then reality hits and you realise that you can’t achieve those huge aspirations you have just from following the crowd. As you get older obstacles come up, you meet more and more people and realise that your huge dream you had? Millions of others had one too. Then you listen to numerous assembles, that gives you the first clue, then you choose what exams you want to take, and realise 40 others are doing the exact same exams as you, to then choosing what you want to do for the next two years, and realise another 30 are doing the same, then you realise
your lecturer, teacher, mentor, even some of your fellow classmates have the same dream, want to follow the same path as you. You start to watch the news more, and then comes a realisation that all those people who had the same dream, followed the same path, and made it, are everywhere. They followed their dream and broke through the barrier of millions to become the individual that you sub-consciously copied at a young age to be the same. Which then leads to the same question you were given years ago as a young child, with a difference context; ‘What do you want to do?’ Now even though you are only eighteen you are forced to decide what path you take. Is it University to study for four years yet again, in the hope that afterwards you can secure that dream and be that individual on the news? Is it travelling around the world in hope you find ‘who you really are’. Is it settling down with someone you love, and producing your own? 

All the dreams matter, every single five year old out there with a huge ambition matters. Everyone teenager having a strop because their exams are too hard, and achieving this dream is just too tough, they matter. Every mother, father, business worker, builder, part time sales assistant, nurse, doctor, apprentice, intern, designer, they all matter. Yet what happens when the stress of a job being too darn difficult gets to you?

Obstructions. They get in your way every step of your life. First when you are young and your parent tells you that you can’t have your friend over for tea. Then as you grow older and your teacher tells you that you got a F in your exam. You start to believe that you can’t do anything properly, start to believe you are destined to fail, as you grow into the real world and then life gives you taxes, bills, rent, mortgage, a need to spend. Then you have to put your dream away to get money to survive. 

Interesting fact I learnt recently that I want to share: 
There is something called a cash flow quadrant. Time= Money. If you are someone who is employed, or self-employed, maybe you work at your local store, or work as an independent builder. This category makes up for 97% of the UKs population, yet 5% of the country’s wealth. You work for someone else, you value that security and steady income with benefits, you never stop working. Considering you do this for 35 years of your life, on an average income, you will then make:

£1,225,000 in your entire life.

Lets cut that down slightly:

14% is your National Insurance Tax.
22% is just tax
20% is VAT (taxing that tax!)

That leaves £686,000 for your entire life’s work. That is the equivalent to a lifetime x3 meals a day from Mc Donalds (big mac and fries). Seems like nothing now right?

Then there is another category, this makes up of 3% of the UKs population, but 95% of the UKs wealth! This is your J.K Rowling’s of the world. They switch their Effort=Money. They build their assets, have leverage systems in place and teams rather than individual efforts. These are your B-Types or Investors (Your Dragon Den men). Investors usually start off with millions, so if we eradicate them and concentrate on the B-Types of this world. 

How can you be a B-Type? How can you be great?

Everything in this world starts with someone believing in you; they can only do this if you can show you are the most kick-ass awesome person ever that followed their dream. I’m not saying never take up a job, I have had my fair few. But what else can you do ? 

The best way to pop on your C.V, which is a basis for any career you want, is to show you commit some of that time to doing your best. Best place to start is NCS or ICS. They give opportunities like sweets in a candy store. It makes your C.V look golden, but most importantly it will make your CV look different. Be the individual you always wanted to be again. Take my advice and sign up!

100% Effort in EVERYTHING you do:
Sounds exhausting I know, but even that part-time job as a customer assistant where all you do is stack shelves and work on till, put that 100% effort in. Make yourself the greatest god-damn shelf stacker ever. You’ll get noticed, get a good recommendation letter and this will help with everything else. Keep smiling even when it gets really tough.

You’ll meet thousands of people in a lifetime. Grab that number, email, anything. Hand yours out too. I was at a Labour Conference a while back, and I went in determined to grab contacts. Only reason being is that later on in life, you want to be able to make that email to someone when you need them, or if they need you. I managed to get over 50 contacts that day. I scoured the decks for anyone who seemed of importance, the Mayor, the politicians, even to their assistants. You can never have too many. Just make sure to build a connection with them first, make them want to chat with you with all the confidence your boots can handle. Everybody loves to talk about themselves, work on this. 

Everything gets shit sometimes, everyone falls down, every single adult you speak to, every successful person won’t be able to say that they had everything handed to them and had to do nothing and has had no hardship, if so then they are lying! And you shouldn’t listen to liars! If you can still smile after the dark tunnel, then you can be the most successful person. Even smile at strangers, doesn’t hurt and it makes their day better.

Dreams are huge, and not everyone in the world can achieve their dream, if they could then we would have way too many presidents and priministers of the world. Think of the thousands of successful actors we would watch on the TV? Only those who can set out their goal, plan it and follow it through, follow steps and go through all the slime, to get out on top. They are the masters of their own lives and they will be great.

I want to achieve my dream to be successful. I know one day I will, my dream may of been changed, edited, twisted and turned but the end goal is still the same. I will be a success. And I know you can be too.

Love you all xoxo


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