Top 5 PS4 Games of all time! (2016 Edition)



So today I am nerding out with one of my secret loves, gaming! I have recently purchased a huge collection of PS4 games, along with a PS4 (bit late to the party I know!) And thought it best to give you a run down of the best PS4 games I have played.

I am a gamer that loves the story, I know that each player is different in what they like to watch and game, but I am a big RPG fan, and a huge storytelling fanatic. So my top ten are brilliant for these kind of people.

I want to start by adding, I recently brought No Man's Sky, I assumed from all the excitement it would be an incredible game to purchase, unfortunately not, I was thoroughly disappointed. It was the pure lack of storyline, the complete let down of promotion, you basically play a character, explore the first world  (No me..) to find the materials to fix your ship, then explore.  However if you enjoy mindless wandering and the sights and creatures you can discover, then by all means this game is definitely for you.


Can purchase for £15.00 in most stores & online
This game is just fun, if you enjoy mindless smashing and making yourself a big scary relic, this is the game for you. You play the protagonist, created by a human doctor in order to discover the secret world of relics, you fight a lot of bad guys and smash a lot of crystals. There is enough story to keep you wondering, but essentially it's smashing, cool fighting combos, and a chance to be a big ice warrior dude. (Is there anything better? Pssht) Anyway if you need to chill after a long day that pop on Knack, simple, fun and cool at times.

4. Last Of Us: Remastered

Purchase now for £20 of most online stores!
THIS GAME THOUGH. The exciting life of a man whose daughter was killed early on in the game whilst escaping the zombie filled town leaves you with a dreading feeling of what's to come (sorry for the spoilers!) Then years later you find yourself in an apocalyptic world where you are a gun smuggler and end up smuggling Ellie out into the wastelands. This terrifying story takes you to new heights and will fill every story loving RPG bone in your body, as you work together on uncovering the cure for The Infected. Great story, lots of shooting, lots of sneaking around the super scary infected folk. Good good game!

3. Life is Strange
£20 on most online stores

Excellent bloody game. If you love a good story, like Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls, this one fits the ticket. You play Maxine in this episodic graphic adventure, she is a photography student, who discovers that she can rewind time in her pictures. However as she delves into the pictures it creates a butterfly effect, making every decision you make change the game. Those kind of game are the best though right? Incredible graphics, excellent storyline, and makes you emotionally tied to this girl throughout. GET THIS GAME NOW! Honestly, it's great! Used to be just PC on Steam and Origin so I was psyched when it came on PS4 and it met all my expectations and more.

2. Fallout 4

£23 for this treasure!

I was a MASSIVE Fallout 3 fan, you get to play the protagonist since birth? How cool was that? So when Fallout 4 came out I was so excited I couldn't contain myself. You start off in a normal town, with your normal husband (or wife depending on what sex you choose) and your average baby Shaun. Then the Vault-Tec man comes to visit, and after signing up suddenly your life gets turned upside down as a huge bomb hits. You and your family take refuge in the vault, only to find out that it was all a big set up to steal Shaun! You get frozen for 200 years and wake to find your entire civilization destroyed. The storyline is so intense, with hundreds of different storylines and a large world to explore in case one mission is getting to repetitive. Highly, highly recommended!

1. Uncharted 4: Thiefs End

£30 for most sites. 
This game is one I can boast about forever and ever! I am a HUGE Uncharted fan, and the fact this game follows the story on from the past three games sends all the emotions! I was over the moon when this was released, and it was my temptation to finally get a PS4! It follows the story of Nathan Drake, a guy who travels to different places to get his hands on treasure, even though he never leaves with the treasure... This particular story is the last in the series for Nate, and it honest to god made me cry, scream, laugh and more alongside the team as they let loose on one last mission, this time with his long lost brother. What I love about this game is it is set in three stages, you have his childhood, his life with Sam (his brother), his 'normal' life with his wife, and then the current time, the different episodes makes this game so addictive! This game is almost like a series on Netflix, once you've finished the series you aren't sure what to do with your life now, so connected to the characters you aren't sure whats reality and whats a dream. THIS IS THIS GAME.  If you've played the other three games I guarantee you'll be upset when the game finishes, he packs all his trinkets from the years of collecting, and finally settles down and has a kid. It is emotional, heart wrenching, adventure packed, gun firing action game that fulfills any gamers needs. If you haven't already, go and buy all four of these games. They are incredible!

That's all from me! So I am hoping all of you out there, as it gets to the colder winter months, considers getting themselves one of these to brighten the darker evenings and provide endless entertainment!

Love you all



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