Thoughts for Life as a Volunteer...

When I joined ICS last June I never thought how far it could take me. I assumed 3 months in Africa would be a chance to volunteer and really help those in need. However it was so much more than that, which you know from my previous blogs.

However- What have I learnt?
A little girl in Zambia when she found a
pair of shoes!

I have learnt to accept myself, I may not be skinny, I may not have the perfect complexion, I haven't even got good fashion sense or home style! Yet I am happy with my morals. I know now that my life, a life, is incredibly valuable. And you only have 1, so why not make the most out of it?

I'm Okay!
An underfed dog roaming the pits of Keembe, Zambia
 Compared to the lives of people, who struggle to get water, or have to sacrifice an education to help their families. People that don't have a choice in their life, whether that's with their sexuality, or who they marry! My decisions I can make myself, and whilst I was in Zambia I realised just how valuable that is.

What shall I do?
 Following on from making decisions, I know I am lucky to chose my path, but since Zambia I have been very confused at what I want to do. I'm not smart, I haven't got the knowledge to go into international development and at this point in my life, I don't want to spend 4 years at a University way out of my depth. I don't want to do directing or theatre anymore, as much as I loved it and knew it, it is not my passion. My passion is to help people! I want to help stop tax dodging bills, I want to help eliminate forced marriages, poverty, maltreated animals! I want to do good and I want to help. However I don't know where to start?!

Next steps...possibly!
Meet Scoobie; The puppy abandoned and left to live on its own.
I am keen to mix my knowledge of theatre and directing, with my love of volunteering. I want to show others what real issues third world countries, and our own country faces! I want to start campaigns, fundraise, do real commitments where people of all different religions, backgrounds, traits, skills, ages, gender and sex preferences can join in. And hopefully, together we can have one huge awesome organisation, where theatre, politics, physics, maths, development, sport can all come together!

If you have any ideas of how I could get my idea jump started, please comment below! I would love to know your ideas! Bear in mind I haven't got thousands of moula to start with!



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