Moved Away From Home!

On the farm with my siblings!
Since I was young I never strayed far from the tree, always been close to my family, grew up with the same faces around me. When I was sixteen I moved next door to my parents, at 18 I moved opposite my parents. So never been far!

A month ago I moved south, way south, to the big beautiful city of Brighton! I couldn't be more of a country girl, fields and dog walking were more of my thing than cars and clubbing. Yet I needed a change, I'm twenty and it was time to see what else there is! So I packed up my life and moved into an incredibly small, incredibly expensive two bedroom flat overlooking the sea. Modern and stunning this south facing flat was everything I wanted. I did originally have a plan:

1. Move in to the perfect flat
2. Create the perfect bedroom
3. Regain a form of social life
4. Following 3. find a way to put a cap on your social anxiety.
5. Find a job I can enjoy
6. Apply to University
7. Go on a real date!

First date bliss!
Funnily enough, the original plan, didn't go to plan, in fact it went better than I could ever expect. I moved in, with no bedroom furniture, not even a bed! Then I met someone, this gorgeous loving guy, it felt strange.. I met him on Tinder, a dating site, originally it was just a bit of fun whilst I was unpacking, but then we started talking, talking led to texting, texting led to Skyping, and two weeks later we met on Brighton Pier. It was dreamy, I never expected to meet someone so honest and genuine who actually wanted a conversation with me! So the first day we spent the entire day on the beach talking, that was it! We discussed everything, our interests, our pasts, our futures, terribly romantic!

Our second date we went for cocktails, which meant I could tick off no 3, however number 4 was reeling in fast, I was terrified! A busy pub? A club? It was alien and I wasn't comfortable. However when I met him he knew exactly how I was feeling, and took me to a quiet pub where we could talk and have a few drinks, this also ended on the beach where we sat for hours and talked-again! 
Third date happiness!

The third date only got better, drinks at the same pub, then a walk around Brighton, I felt instantly comfortable with him, he makes me feel myself again! So no. 7 was ticked off, and I can say now I've never been happier! I can only hope the absolute happiness I feel with him continues.  

The job bit came next, a perfect little hotel job, I start on Sunday so I am not sure how well that'll turn out! I also applied to university, so in conclusion, I am slowly ticking off my original plan, not in order, but I don't mind that bit anymore. 

I'm happier, in the sunniest city in the country, I am much, much happier!

Talk soon! xoxo


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