Mid Month Financial Blues!

Goooood day everyone!
The equivalent to my purse!

So my post today relates to everybody who works a job and also can't budget! Where is gets so close to payday yet it just isn't there, so you end up pulling apart the sofa for that 20p you lost when you were rich!

The worst part of monthly pay is that you keep working and you think you'll be rich, then by the time rent and bills and direct debits go out...well...you are left with enough to buy a big bag of pasta and the cycle starts again. Since I've lived in Brighton I have had these 'financial blues', and have also come up with ways to budget your money so you still have some left for the holiday fund.
My little treat yesterday!

I love pretty things, more than this I LOVE expensive things! My biggest shop-a-holic store is Anthropologie. Expensive...very expensive. Not to mention I love Waitrose for my food shop, and can only purchase organic, free-ranged items. I love socialising, going for drinks. However everything I do comes with a price, to go to the gym to making dinner, everything has a label.

My Big TIPS!

I treated myself to a hair-do this month!
  1.  When you receive a paycheck, no matter how lovely that money looks, work out what HAS to be paid for. My order is usually: Rent, bills, dentist fees, optician fees, car insurance, car permit and groceries. Put this money aside and then you should have left something (hopefully) for you!                                                                                                                                                  
  2. Decide what is going to be your treat this month. Maybe its a new handbag? Maybe a haircut? That dress you've been eyeing up online forever? Or perhaps that expensive bra (with matching panties!) Or use that money for a night out, blow some steam, whatever floats your boat!               
  3. Put aside your treat money, this will give you that happiness in the month so you don't feel so poor, finally, the rest of this money can be put into savings. That can be £10, £20, even £50-£100 if you're lucky. This money should hypothetically be kept in savings. With this in mind, savings don't always stay. Your car could breakdown, you need extra money for this, that and whatever. However if you have extra money saved away, it would mean you can then afford a holiday, or anything. It means that towards the end of the month when you are at your poorest, you know you can pull a tenner out if you really want that drink with your friend.  
    I found a Brighton Food Market!
  4. In terms of grocery shopping, ALWAYS make a list of what you need before you go, and never stray away from the list. I always buy in bulk. I use the cheapest stores to buy my bulk produce (pasta, rice, orange juice etc). However then I go to the nice markets, fresh fruit or fish markets, if you don't have these available always buy the best produce for your fresh produce. It tastes better and the idea you are eating meat/fish that has been brought up in good conditions makes you feel good inside-trust!              
  5. Re-organise your home! If you change the furniture around every so often it makes things new and exciting again, try new things! (also it's free so it works better for you!)                                  
  6. I am fortunate that my job allows me to use their gym for free, however if you don't have this luxury then don't go buying gym memberships unless you use the gym every.single.day. Best thing to strap on cash is to just use then big outdoors. It's free! Go for a jog, or a walk, don't go wasting money to run inside.      
    Outside with friends!
                                                                                                            I know it isn't as easy as 1-2-3, but it gets there. It's taken me seven months and I am still struggling for the lifestyle I want. At the end of the day it is all about outlook. If you have a positive outlook on life, even if deep down you are riddled in debt. Find something that makes you happy, and stick with it!

As for me, I am still on my ongoing search for love. It may take a long time but I believe in it for sure. And with this glorious Easter weather we are experiencing in Brighton I may go treat myself to a day date on the beach!
The Stunning Brighton Easter Weekend!

I love you all


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