5 reasons why being you works

Hello friends!

Back again with another list (I love god-damn lists). I was recently in the big bad city of London visiting a friend, and then in the quiet, conservative city of Oxford. These are two very different places, however one thing they have in common is how people act. Or dress in a sense. After living in Brighton I realised that people just don't care what you wear, its all about self-expression. 
For years and years my life has been about looking presentable for others. I am bored of it. I want to wear comfy trousers and colourful unmatching tops. It is difficult when you are constantly being judged as a woman on what to do and not do, what to wear and not wear.

After being in those cities I realised that my style has differed massively. In Brighton I suit bright yellow and blue trousers, in London I look like the sunshine they have never seen- I LOVE it. 

It is time to accept who you are, this is your skin, your personality, your body for your whole life, there isn't a lot you can do about it (unless you want to change but that has to be YOUR choice). So ladies, put away the high heels, get out the comfy shoes, and don't be afraid to rock the shoe & sandel look this summer (if that's your thing!) and men? Wear the low cut tops, go ahead and not shave for a bit, who the hell should care?

1. Happiness comes within:

Pretty obvious point, and one that thousands have spoken and wrote over the years, but you can't think that you can be happy if you change this, change that, lose weight, get a nose job, gain weight on your ass. If you can honestly and truely say that extreme dieting will get you the happiness you desire then go for it girl. I know that having a healthy diet and exercise is important enough, you don't need diet pills, you don't need waist trainers, or corsets, or tight material making you sweat crazily in the summer heat. Do what makes you happy, lose weight, gain it, wear make up, or don't. Who should really care? You? Or THEM?

2. What is your look?

This is important. You flick through magazines or online, you see other people and think 'that looks amazing'. Yet you put on that dress and you feel uncomfortable. This is what changed in me, that and I recently purchased the comfiest god damn pair of trousers that nothing else can come close. The true comfort of throwing on baggy trousers, looking cool with zig-zag african printing, clumpy trainers, baggy tee and a bright yellow cardigan around the waist is just beautiful. Funny thing is, I sat on a 5 o'clock rush hour train to London, and I was sat around suits. Suits everywhere. Feeling confident, and brimming with happiness more than any other Londoner on a rush hour tube I can imagine.

3. Ditch the bad thoughts

Are they staring at me? Are they laughing at me? I'm nervous, do I look okay? 
Just stop! Replace each bad thought you have with a positive, I recently learnt from a very fierce queen, that you should look in the mirror each day, and find something you love about yourself. 'Even if it's your little finger. That's a great little finger'. Build your confidence up slowly. I have always suffered with being self concious and still do, but when I look in the mirror I like how my collarbones look, and I like my boobs. As big and bouncy as they are, they are mine, they are lovely, they suit my body. 

4. Eat right and work it!

Honestly I never thought I would be the one to say it, but it does work. Eating the correct food can genuinely make you feel healthier, and feeling healthier makes you happier. I am not saying eat like a rabbit. There are brilliant healthy meals out there that are yummy too (stay in tune as I'll be releasing some posts on some delish healthy pizza ideas-and we all love pizza!) and exercising does give you a rush of feeling good. It makes you feel so much better, and it does relieve stress. I find going to the gym after a long day at work good for me. I don't work out until I am on the floor, but I like putting on the gym's TV and cycling for a bit, or going on the cross trainer. I have recently been adoring my little routine at the gym, and hope to stick at it. I also have now been a pescatarian for 6 months, it was my new years resolution and I am so glad I made that change!

5. Who do you want to be?

Look in the mirror. What did you learn today? Did you do 1 good thing? Little good deeds each day can make a massive difference, it doesn't need to be giving money, or sponsoring a charity as such. For example, I saw someone drop their plastic bottle on the beach, so I took it upon myself to put it in the recycling bin. Something small like this can be your good deed for the day. Set a goal each day. My goal everyday is to laugh at least once, ask at least 2 people how they are, and do one thing to make me happy. It changes from time to time. A little goal can go a long way in life.

I hope this helps, stay in tune as I will be releasing some cool ideas for single people's cooking guide, and easy way to get your hour exercise a day whilst working 8 hours per day.

Have a wonderful sunny week people!




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