Curiousity killed the Cat.

Hello friends!

I have been at university for nearly a month now, I honestly do not know where the time has gone, but now I am doing my first assignment! (Way too soon!) It is very surreal to be studying again after three years off. Firstly I have completing forgotten how to function like a normal young adult, secondly I realised how much I enjoyed spending time with adults much older than me (at least those with less drama and can hold their alcohol without looking like a blubbery baby), and thirdly I didn't know just how much I really love learning.

I am studying environment and media studies. In a sense it means I basically study mediums and then look at our earth and try to fit it all in and make sense of it. Harder than it looks I promise! A majority of university students seem to take what they have learnt and do what they are told, whether its to sit an exam, what to write, what to think etc. I can't do this. I can't comprehend this lifestyle. For example; it was just yesterday that I had a (what seemed like) left-wing lecturer criticising newspapers for their biased right-wing views in the news. Now I am not disregarding the newspapers for being biased and pretty much told what to write by massive corporations spewed from Eaton and Oxford tots. However doesn't this make the lecturer, who is teaching about how 'terrible' and 'historically damaging' , 'biased' material is, a completely ironic statement on his part? He may of been sub-consciously creating groups of labour students without even giving it a real thought. 

To me this seems like a very flawed view on how our teaching system works. I understand that pretty much everything we do is biased, we are all sheeps of our own creation. Yet I am highly certain that we shouldn't be teaching the next generation what to think, merely teach them the information, for them to then create their own independent opinion. Maybe this is just my way of thinking, perhaps students need this guidance. I would quite like to form my opinion on whether newspapers are as bad as this lecturer says by listening to his research, but also listening to the other side of this debate. Where is the facts proving the newspapers as an important, in fact, a revolutionary medium, if you look at the history of the printing revolution (which is all fairness was supplied), you will find that without the newspaper there was no staple in which our society could grow, become literate, begin a revolution based on what others believed was wrong (again the sheep effect). On the other hand I do understand where my lecturer is coming from, that more recently newspapers aren't to be trusted, and more people should read between the lines before believing everything in front of them. I won't even waste my breathe on tabloids, but this is coming from a middle class conservative opinion, so who am I to force my view on others?

I believe it is getting to the point where curiosity is killing the cat. The cat being myself, I am getting more and more focused and intrigued by what I am being taught, questioning and criticising what is being told in a lecture. Starting to study more into depth on the subjects taught to analyse the history. However for now I will continue to read an article on the role of a woman in society as I debate against my own feminist views that are getting irrationally angry at a chapter of a book!

Bye friends, until next time!



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