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I wanted to discuss advertising as a whole in this blogpost. Mostly because it is part of my study at university, but also because it has sparked up a flame inside of me which I wanted to spread with you all!
The original Victoria Secret Advert

When we think of advertising we first think of models, we think of how consumables are displayed and what effect this has on society. Take a Victoria Secret advert as an example, one in particular (see image 1) depicts a woman as having 'the perfect body'. This 'impossible standard' is something that degrades women, makes them feel worthless. As if we can never be good enough, never 'perfect' like the photoshopped women constantly shown in all forms of advertising. This is the way we are bringing up the generation, to believe that they will never be perfect.

Contrary to this, advertising also opens a world we can utilise to our advantage, taking the example I used earlier it's important to note that women everywhere are mimicking this, showing the world their examples of a 'perfect body'. It even went to lengths of petitions to stop the barbaric view Victoria Secret held. Ask yourself a question, out of the two images, which image would you rather? An image of an impossible standard, or an image of a real woman, a woman with elegant flaws, and honest appearances. Whether you are curvy, large, skinny, tall, every size is a size, and every size matters.
The Perfect Body Petition against Victoria Secret

In advertising we get the opportunity to sell the product in the most creative way possible, for example, if we chose to sell a pair of sneakers, we need to consider the audience we are selling to. You wouldn't put a large housewife in them to promote the sneakers? More than likely you would put someone that screams health, in order to sell the product positively. We have to understand how advertising works in order to change and develop ideas. Take an ad for fairy liquid as an example, dating back to 1950s Fairy Liquid promoted soft skin for the perfect housewife. Drive 50 years on and it shows a father and son doing the washing. Adverts have the ability to change and develop given the culture it's in. If we see an advert that seems to follow a system which we no longer follow (eg Victoria Secret) they have to be prepared for some issues on their behalf, and we are the ones that can make things change, through kicking and screaming and protesting we can make a difference. If we didn't do this; Fairy Liquid would still be promoting women's roles.
Marriott advert including the LGBTQ+ community

To conclude, in a generation and culture where we are constantly looking for change we can be the advocates to change the way we see advertising today. If we stand up to the marketing world on what is seen as right and wrong in society we can make the changes, and hopefully, changes that don't require over sixty years to create. We can have an advert that is equal to the LGBTQ+ community, women's rights and equality. It is possible, it is just a case of making that change ourselves.

If we don't raise our voice, who will hear us?

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