Raising Awareness

Hello friends!

As you are all aware, two years ago I embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, to Zambia, to support Restless Development for three months.

Well, I'm off again! This time heading to Calais, in the new year to help a fantastic charity called ‘Help the Refugees’ and ‘L’Auberge des Migrants’. We want to start 2017 off the best way we can, and this charity helps the most vulnerable people currently reaching Europe’s shoes. From the donations we hope to raise we are able to provide refugees that much needed water, sanitation, food, medical aid, education, valuable and basic living conditions. This is something that if affecting hundreds and thousands of refugees across the world, with a bigger increase in migration over the last few years comes a much bigger demand for volunteers. 

I think getting hangovers the first day of the New Year is overrated, so helping out abroad is the next best thing.

This is where you can get involved!

I am asking for a share, a comment, a donation, all of these would mean the world to me. Think of it as a Christmas gift, the best gift you can give, and know you will be making a honest difference in this cruel world we live in.

The target is £500. We can do this together!

I love you all


Visit our page:



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