Festive Feels!

Hello everyone!

Air strikes in Syria.
I hope all is well with you all and are diving into the festive spirit, before I begin with my blog post this week, I wanted to mention something that cannot be ignored; the air strike plans on Syria. I hope you can agree with me saying that David Cameron, for those who don't know is our UK Priminister, gave the go ahead on us to start bombing Syria, so joining in on what have killed so many. Despite the fact that weeks earlier the same man discussed how bombing Syria would only 'increase terrorism'. So this is ridiculous! I am sure you can agree, this is clearly a bad idea, a horrific idea. We have already spent so much time and money investing in the refugees to come to the UK, to help them, and what do we do to help more? Just go ahead and bomb the place. It's disgusting. Some days I wish I had my say in parliament, or more so, I wish young people did. We are the forefront to the future so why are we letting upper class snobs run our country and tell us what's best? Beyond me.

Moving on from that note, I am here to discuss the festivities! I still haven't decked out my little flat, bearing in mind I am not coated in riches what so ever, bills and rent cost me a good £800 a month, I work 5 days a week in a minimum wage job, making roughly £200 a week, thats with the taxes, if I can scrape bonuses together I can make more, the odd £20-40 helps me massively with food and other essentials! However I do want to do Christmas right this year, I want stockings and tinsel, I want a tree, lights and just a festive theme! 
Mornings on the beach!

I also want to start thinking about my goals for next year. I had seven goals when I moved to Brighton, and want to do a fresh set of goals. Now I know it's not uncommon for the whole 'New year new me!' But that isn't what I want, I know next year I'm not suddenly going to get a whole new lease of life overnight. I do want a few things to change however:

1) Keep up with healthy eating (started at the moment-want to get better)
2) Meet new people and make friends in Brighton
3) Sign up to the gym! (Keep debating this one!)
4) Keep my wonderful man (dating at the moment, may move to something more!)
5) Find a cause to volunteer for
6) Start university or a full time career!

Only a few goals! I especially am keen to keep up this blog, it has definitely been a huge goal in my life that I am finally keeping up. 
Spending evenings drinking at P&P!
An update on my life, in short, my job is still going, and I have found someone who makes me happy, makes my heart flutter. I am trying really hard to regain trust, and to trust him. Since my last break up it has been difficult, I am begging my heart to stop being so stupid and to just fall head over heels again. Eventually I hope. He makes me happy, and I make him happy, and that is the most important thing.

I hope you are all okay! And opening your advent calenders with excitement!

Love you all


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