It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Hello Everyone!

Hope you're all well! I have absoutely decked the halls and want to share my gift ideas with you, I've been searching high and low for the best gift packages. Christmas brings out the best and worst in retail. It can make buying gifts incredibly easy but the choice incredibly difficult. Hence why I am writing to make this easier!

Body Shop
My ABSOLUTE go to place for anything smelly. Christmas for Body Shop brings the greatest and most beautiful gift sets that are affordable! Not to mention they throw in the odd 40% off sale and random 2 for 1s. So I picked out a couple great ideas for those friends who appreciate the perfect pamper evening!

Ultimate Luxeries Collection: £40
For my closest friend:
I am in love with this gift package, it has the whole collection of smellies! Including shower gel, body butter, a body scrub, perfume, shower lotion and lip butter. Comes in a beautiful box and it is perfect as a huge amazing present this Christmas. I give it 5*s and actually have purchased a few of these in different collections for my three closest friends!

Modern Gents Fragrance Kit: £30

 For my boyfriend:

Firstly YES boyfriend, scary word with plenty of truth!
We have gotten along amazingly the past few weeks. Which brings me to his Christmas present, when the relationship is still so fresh you can't be buying personalised gifts to soon. So thanks for Body Shop for supplying some great gift ideas for men! This is a wonderfully smelling White Musk gift, shower gel, shaving lotion and perfume makes it just perfect! And no awkwardness as every guy should work on smelling delicious!

Italian Summer Fig Set: £6
For other friends:

Do you have those friends who you chat to daily but aren't quite at the 'I will call you when I'm crying over boys' stage. So for just £6 (also a great secret santa gift) two small bottles, lotion and shower gel, and a bath crinkle. Wrapped up in a pretty little box this gift is just great! I got a few of these as they are great to post to friends back home!
For the parents:

Ever wanted to get your parents a bloody island but can afford socks? This year I actually saved up funds to get my parents the best I can. 
Molton Brown Shower Gel Gift Set: £45

This gift set is perfect! I know hundreds of dads out there want something simple for Christmas. And my dad is WAY past the 'It's the thought that counts' childhood so I had to step up and try my best. Something smelly works for my dad, Molton Brown is top of the notch for dads everywhere and this gift set does it all with three full sized shower gels.
I HAD to get something perfect for my mumma. Chanel released their new perfume 'Mademoiselle'. So this was perfect, picked this little number up at Boots who had a sale, so instead of £99 it was £89 with double points. Perfect for mum, perfect for me! Complete gift wrapped in an adorable bag.

These are my smelly gifts for Christmas! I urge you to have a look out there, you can never go wrong with something that people use in the shower or bath, and sometimes looking past Lush gift sets to see other things is a good alternative. 

I will speak to you all soon, hope your Christmas celebrations are under way!

Love you all


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